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Customer Testimonial:

"I used Devil's Club Salve to cure my psoriasis with two applications.  Devil's Club healed my wife's toe fungus.  Her Dr. recommended a very expensive medication that was not covered by insurance, and he said he might have to take off her toe nail.  She used Devil's Club twice a day for three weeks and saw tremendous improvement.  After six months it looks normal."

Don Mc              Powell, TN


Alaska Devil's Club Products  

                        Devil's Club Salve   is made from the bark of Devil's Club root infused in olive oil with natural beeswax added. Devil's Club, sometimes referred to as  Alaska Ginseng, has been traditionally used by first peoples of the Northwest as a remedy for many ailments including relief from arthritis.  When used externally as a salve it has been shown to have anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. May relieve itch and swelling from insect bites and rashes from hives and poison ivy. It has been reported to have beneficial functions that may help relieve symptoms of psoriasis and eczema by inhibiting abnormal proliferation of skin cells. Check out our Links page for other interesting information about Devil's Club.  

  $13.00  ~  2 oz. tin


 Devil's Club Oil is made from the bark of Devil's Club root infused in olive oil.  Nothing else is added.  It has the same properties as the salve, but is more concentrated since no beeswax is added.  


     $13.00  ~  2 oz. bottle

Our Devil's Club is gently and respectfully harvested on our own property, far from roads and pollution run off.  The products that we craft using this wonderful herb are of very high quality, as we are in total control of the ingredients at every stage of production. That said, our products are not to be considered medicine and we do not make any claims that they will eliminate any medical condition or disease.  You should always do a skin test, generally on your inner elbow to be sure how your body will respond to them prior to general use.  If you find any adverse reaction you should not continue use of the product. 

Devil's Club Soaps:  Hand crafted soaps made using our olive oil  infused with Devil's Club root bark along with tallow, other natural oils and butters and scented with natural essential oils.  These bars are very long lasting and provide a creamy rich lather that your skin will love.  wt. 4.3-5 oz.  Delightfully refreshing and kind to sensitive skin.  Choose from two fragrances.

Rosemary Sage

$7.00    Rosemary-Sage essential oils




Lavender Lemongrass


Temporarily out of stock     $7.00 Lavender & Lemongrass essential oils



Gin-Sinc :  Devil's Club Blend Tea with Alaskan Rose Hips.  Ingredients: Devil's Club root bark, Chamomile, Wild Alaskan Raspberry Leaves, Ginger, Alaskan Rose Hips, Stevia Powder.

Devil's Club Bark has been described as an adaptogen, in the same family as Ginseng. Traditionally used by First Peoples of the Northwest as a balancing tonic for stress and for coping with chronic disease, treating type II diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis and tuberculoses.  Diabetics should use with caution since Devil's Club has been shown to reduce blood sugar.  Do not use if pregnant or nursing.    

tea bags/loose tea
Temporarily out of stock


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